How can I sign in guests?

If you have a friend visiting you at Univeristy and you want to bring them to the Sugarhouse you can sign up to 2 guests in at the front door. You will need to provide your student ID and your friends ID will be recorded.

How do I apply for guestlist and what are the terms of entry?

You can apply for guestlist through the LUSU help systemIf you have successfully applied for guestlist you will need to come to the back door of Sugarhouse with all members of your party before Midnight: remember you must also have valid ID.

Clubs and Society guestlists


Clubs and societies can register guestslists on Sugar's Facebook page. Just click on the 'Guestlist' tab and then the option 'Club/society'. This guest list is for members only and does not include + 1's. Please make sure everyone brings their Purple card or LUSU number so that their member status can be verified and a valid form of ID.


Requests must be made at least 5 days prior to the event and are evaluated on a prior attendance basis. Please make sure you members are on the LUSU Database - other wise they cannot be added to the guestslist! More information on managing your membership is found here.

One guestlist per term can be gauranteed for societies and groups. 


JCR's and LUSU Staff 

Plus one's are available! JCR's and LUSU staff must bring either a Purple Card or LUSU number and valid photographic ID. 


All Ts and Cs can be found here.