If your membership type isn’t showing up when people are visiting your page, then it could be one of the following reasons:

  • The membership type has not been approved

    • Go to your Dashboard
    • Navigate your way to 'Your Members' - 'Manage Members' - 'Membership Types'
    • You can approve the membership by ticking the box underneath the 'Approve/Reject' column and then 'Approve'



  • You have opted to use a bespoke sub-site and have not create a join button

    • Go to your Dashboard
    • 'Configure Group' - 'Edit' - 'Summary' - 'Edit'
    • After your description of your group, you will need to insert an image (could use the club logo for this)
    • Click on the image and in the options above, click on the “hyperlink” icon (this will look link a chain link)


    • The URL you will need to add is: [the URL of your page]/join
    • This image will now work as the join button