What is it?

The Societies Committee is a new initiative developed by our VP Activities to better facilitate the operational, financial and developmental support that the Union offers to its affiliated societies. 

The committee is made up of the VP Activities and 8 appointed members selected by the previous committee based on their ability to represent the very diverse interests and needs that make up Lancaster University's Societies.

The  Committee shall meet regularly throughout the academic year at a rate set by the chair – but that is able to efficiently deal with business in a timely manner and will play a key role in where funding is allocated, new society affiliations, presenting feedback from students and the planning and delivery of Union led platform events.

How does the Societies Committee affect me?

  • Funding- The societies committee will make the final decision on all society funding applications, this currently takes place 4 times year; once in each term and once during the summer break.
  • New Society Applications- The Committee will also decide which new societies will be approved as affiliated groups.
  • Events - Our annual events will be planned by the committee and will decide where the funding for these events is allocated.
  • Feedback and Ideas- The members will present feedback and suggestions for change from students and society members to the rest of the board.
  • Opportunity for Valuable Experience- As a member of the Committee you will garner the wealth and experience of working in a professional organisation; financial planning and budgeting, operational planning and event delivery and evaluating and communicating your success.

How much time will I need to commit?

It is anticipated that the Societies Committee will meet at the following frequencies, outside of teaching time where possible, during term:

General meeting - 1 hour every two weeks, with actions between meetings

New Society panel -  1 hour per month

Funding applications - online discussion and votes

Additional groups: 

Events -  1 hour every two weeks, with actions between meetings, and possibly attendance at events

Feedback and ideas - 1 hour every two weeks, with actions between meetings

How do I become a member?
The Committee will be appointed by the outgoing members on an application basis. Vacancies will be published and applications open during the appropriate times.

We welcome applications from any student currently or previously involved with our societies with the aim of adequately representing the varied and diverse range of groups we currently support. 

Please read our full terms of reference attached or alternatively submit a ticket into help for more information or to arrange a meeting.