Students can be great volunteers as they are keen to gain experience and have plenty of skills to offer!



Here are a few tips for recruiting and retaining student volunteers:


1. Inform them. Let them know in advance of any special requirements or helpful information for the role, such as clothing or transport. A lot of our student volunteers are international so they may be used to doing things differently.


2. Make them feel useful. Students can be very busy so they want to ensure their time is being well spent. Give them enough tasks to keep them occupied and keep them varied if possible. A lot of students also have specific skills which are worth finding out about so you are getting the most out of their time.


3. Be flexible. Compulsory meetings, deadlines, exams and holiday periods affect students' availability, so it may be useful to discuss this with them early on if they are volunteering regularly. It is also important to keep this in mind when advertising opportunities, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for information about this.


4. Help their skills. Although a lot of students are motivated by doing good, offering training, responsibility or the chance to learn new skills will make volunteering more attractive to students and also get them more committed to the role.


5. Value and support. Show your appreciation for the work they do by offering a reward, recognition, or even a simple thank you. Giving them guidance and support can also help them feel confident in the role and a part of the organisation.



Following these tips should help you get the support you need and also ensure they keep coming back.