Lancaster University Students’ Union has funding available for events or projects that share and celebrate cultures from across the world here on the Lancaster University campus. If granted, the funding will be used to pay invoices or to refund upon receiving appropriate receipts and a payment claim form being submitted.

You can find the link to the funding application form here:


In order to be eligible to receive students' union globalisation funding the applicant must meet the following criteria:


  1. The proposed project/activity/initiative should aim to do at least one of the following:
    1. celebrate international diversity
    2. share a cultural activity, tradition or experience with those outside of that cultural group
    3. promote understanding of global issues
  2. The proposed project/activity/initiative must be open and accessible to all students at Lancaster University
  3. Have a marketing plan in place to promote the event.
  4. There is good financial management in place and evidence of research regarding costs and the expenditure for the event. The applicant must be applying for something specific and have researched specific costs and obtained quotes where relevant
  5. Is in line with and supportive of the students’ union’s charitable objectives and strategic vision of “inspiring and supporting students to love Lancaster”? It must of course also be legal.
  6. students' union funded activity must, as much as possible, have a positive impact on the environment and the local community.
  7. The request for funding must be received at least 1 month prior to the event’s proposed date


Generally you can apply for funding for anything that will help the event/activity to run effectively. This could include equipment, publicity materials, speaker expenses, etc. We will not be able to provide financial support to subsidise charity fundraising (you can still fundraise, but you need to cover the costs from money raised or from other funds which are not affiliated with the students’ union). The maximum amount that can be awarded is £500 per event/activity.

Funding decisions will be made by the students' union Overseas Team and a Full Time Officer. Should a funding application be refused the students will be given feedback to explain why it was unsuccessful and invited to come and discuss: a) Are there other ways we can help to make this idea happen? b) How students' union can support them in making a successful application in the future if possible. Any student that would like to query the decision is also invited to direct their query at students' union executive.

Conditions of receiving Lancaster University Students' Union globalisation funding:

If you are awarded any funding from the students' union Globalisation Fund, you must:

  1. Display the World at Lancaster logo on any promotional material advertising the event. This includes (but is not limited to) posters, leaflets and on social media, for example.  Successful applications will be sent a copy of the logo to use in the ways described above.
  2. Marketing must be in English as well as any other language to make it accessible 
  3. Use the hasgtag #worldatlancaster alongside any other hashtags on social media
  4. Provide photos of the event or allow a photographer to take photos
  5. Provide feedback after the event including attendance numbers, photographs, a blog or short paragraph about the event