I need a DBS check, how do I complete one? 

The Schools Team will complete DBS checks for students undertaking students' union schools placements or outreach projects. If you have signed up for a project working with children or young people, you will need to complete a DBS application form. 

Please note: we are unable to process DBS checks for any other purpose. For further advice and guidance, please contact the Schools Team.

Do I need to pay for a DBS check?

If you are undertaking a schools placement or outreach project, the students' union will cover the cost of your DBS check.

I have a DBS check with a previous institution, will this work? 

No - even if you have done a DBS check elsewhere recently, it is not valid to use with the students' union. If you have done a DBS check with the students' union before, you do not need to do a new one.

What do I need for a DBS application? 

As part of the DBS application, we need to confirm your identity and current term time address. To complete the form you will need to bring with you:

  • Passport or other Group 1 document
  • UK National Insurance number
  • UK Driving License number

You will need to provide two proofs of your term time address. If you cannot produce two proofs of your term time address, you may use two documents from Group 1, plus at least one other document to confirm your current term time address. We can only accept original documents. We cannot accept more than one document per organisation. We must see at least one photographic ID from Group 1. Otherwise, you can also provide 5 documents from Group 2.

Group 1:

  • Valid Passport from UK or EEA
  • Valid None-EEA Passport with Biometric Residence Permit or UK Visa
  • Valid UK Driving Licence (Full or provisional) – both photocard and paper copy
  • Birth Certificate – original, issued within 12 months of birth

Group 2:

  • Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate – UK only
  • Adoption Certificate – UK
  • HM Forces ID Card
  • Firearms Card – UK
  • Bank Statement – issued within 3 months
  • P45/60 Statement – UK, issued within 12 months
  • Council Tax Statement or Exemption Statement
  • Utility Bill – Issued within 3 months
  • Benefit Statement – Issued within 3 months
  • EU National ID Card
  • PASS Card – UK
  • A document from Central or Local Government – E.G. Electoral Role registration

If you are struggling to find evidence, the University can print a statement of your current address via this website. If you are a UK student, Lancaster City Council should be able to provide you with proof of Council Tax exemption letter. Please note that all of these may take several days to arrive, so ensure you request them in plenty of time.

Do I need to declare all previous convictions as part of the DBS process? 

If you are unsure about a previous charge/conviction please contact Nacro on 08000 181259 or helpline@nacro.org.uk. Nacro offer confidential advice that will help you understand whether you need to declare your conviction as part of the DBS process. 

What if the DBS is for gender reassignment?

Should you wish to have a confidential DBS due to gender reassignment you can contact 0151 676 1452 or sensitive@dbs.gsi.gov.uk