I need to claim back the cost of travelling to and from my schools placement, what do I do? 

The students' union will reimburse you for the cost of travelling to and from your schools placement on public transport. You will need to complete a 'Payment Claim Form' which are available to collect from the students' union Welcome Desk. Please ensure that you fully complete the form (ignoring the budget name and budget code), attach any tickets/receipts and if travelling by car, please state where you have traveled from / to and the mileage. Please hand in completed forms to the Welcome Desk and request that it is passed on to the Schools Team. 

I would like to drive to my schools placement - is this possible?

It is possible to drive to your schools placement in some circumstances, for example where public transport is not conveniently available. Please contact the students' union Schools Team for approval before driving to your placement. We will need to see your driving licence and insurance documentation prior to approval.   

Can I get a taxi to my schools placement?

The students' union encourages students to use public transport where possible. In very exceptional circumstances, taxi costs may be reimbursed but this is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and requires prior approval by the students' union Schools Team.