Session dates and times will be available soon. Make sure you have completed your online registration and training first.

Some students learn better face to face so we have created a session to compliment the online training. How to get the most out of your role, to increase your efficiency as well and develop transferable skills and enhance your employability. We can explain Student Voice Volunteering, Report writing, Faculty Forums and Skill sessions that lead to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and how it can help with the Lancaster Award and BackPack

Negotiation and Gaining Outcomes

We will look at negotiation techniques and how to get the best possible results. This will include effective communication strategies, knowing reasonable outcomes as well as giving you the opportunity to discuss how to apply these techniques within your role as a rep.

Engaging those you represent

We will explore the reasons why students do and don’t engage. It will focus on generating innovative and often very simple ideas to overcome barriers to participation and to further engage your fellow students. Student apathy is a myth!

Using Social Media to raise profile and engage students

In this session, seasoned users of social media will advise on the best ways of putting it to use to get across your message or engage with the students you represent. We will share ideas and initiatives on how to promote campaigns, events and opportunities creatively.

Assertiveness & Confidence

We will explore what assertiveness is and get clear about what it is not. We will also discuss some of the perceived barriers to being assertive and look at some strategies and techniques to adopt to help with these barriers.

Lead and Change

This session will explore the power of relationships when bringing about change and how to sustain this power through networks, leadership styles and collaborations. After all, if you aren’t talking to people you aren’t representing them. How to understand the student you represent and frame their issues effectively to nudge those in power towards your vision.

Change making & Campaigning

This session will look at tried and tested techniques used by activists and campaigners to achieve the change you’d like to see. Additionally we will explore ways to gather grass roots support and communicate your campaign, and hopefully, your success!

Culture, Equality and Diversity

This session will explore some of the diversity and cultural differences and beliefs of students; covering areas such as race, nationality, gender, religion, values, ethics, communication, cross-cultural (mis)perceptions and stereotypes. Participants will gain an understanding of the wide and diverse range of the students they represent.


Introduction to Level 2

For Reps who have already achieved Gold Status or postgraduate reps who have been engaged in the scheme last year and want to take it up a level. This session will explain how to make the most of platinum opportunities; exploring how to contribute to, or improve, the RDS as well as enhancing your personal skills development and experiences.

NSS/PTES/PRES – How to interpret and use your data

A session aimed at established reps, who want to take a deep look into their department’s survey data, and consider what it tells us, and how it can be used. Advance booking essential so we can tailor the information to your particular department’s results.

Becoming a Training Session Facilitator

A session to learn about how to deliver training sessions to groups. It will offer knowledge and skills to help you become an effective facilitator. Some reps may wish to go on to offer training sessions as part of the scheme to develop your experience while supporting other reps. (worth 2 sessions)

Coordinating and managing teams and volunteers

This session will look as key aspects of managing teams such as delegation, matching skills and abilities with tasks, maintaining motivation and collating the output of their activities. Some reps may wish to go on to become a team leader of rep projects to put some of this learning into practice and build experience of managing volunteers.