All students' union Activity groups are able to hire minibuses which will allow individuals who comply with the following criteria to drive: 


  • age of 21 

  • have held a full driving licence issued either by the United Kingdom or by another member state of the European Community 

  • have a least two years driving experience 

  • have no points on their license 

  • have taken the university minibus driver assessment 

  • have registered as a driver with the students' union

Everyone who intends to drive a minibus or a hire car must register as a driver with the students' union at the start of every academic year. 

To do this please use this link and be aware that when you do please note that you will need to upload a photo of the front and back of your card licence and give permission for us to check with the dvla to ensure you have no points.

There is a check box on the form that allow you to indicate if you wish to take the minibus assessment. 

Once you have taken the minibus assessment then you will be able to hire a minibus. Please use this form to request to hire a vehicle.