We know that every event is likely to be different. To ensure that your event production is to the standard you require, you will need to ensure you speak to our dedicated event staff.

After this, complete the relevant online form below to give us more information about your event, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible. All request MUST be made at least a MONTH in advance of your proposed event date.

Online Forms

CLICK HERE for requesting PA and other Technical equipment, ONLY.

CLICK HERE for requesting event support and Technical equipment.

Estimated costs

For a rough idea of how much the event will cost you, please complete the relevant form and a supervisor will be in touch with an estimated amount.

Please also remember there may be other charges, such as Portering charges or cleaning costs. If your also event requires decorations or table hire, you'll also need to factor these costs into your event.

If you want any additional help organising your event, come into the Students' Union Office to speak to the Society Coordinator during the term time drop-in every Tuesday between 13:00-16:00.