Firstly it is important to understand what funding your Sports Club can apply for. For full details of this please click here

If your club is entitled to Roses funding this is done via an application process. The initial deadline for these applications was September 16th therefore the application form is not currently live.

We are however considering a second funding wave, details of which will be released once they have been confirmed. The general remit of this funding is to support clubs to have regular coaching and to enter new competitions. 

Majority of our Sports Clubs are entitled to BUCS funding however please note that this only covers competitions that have had prior approval from the students' union as the amount of competitions clubs can enter is not limitless. In order to request to enter any BUCS competitions (including BUCS leagues) clubs must fill in a Competition Request Form, these are filled out in advance on an annual basis by the end of the Lent Term. The general remit of this funding to support clubs to enter BUCS Competitions. 

The remits of the Sport Lancaster funding are yet to be confirmed. As soon as this is clarified we'll be in touch with teams about how to apply for this funding. 

If, after reading all of this, you have any questions regarding funding for sports teams please contact us.