It is important that compassionate leave is granted in a fair and equitable manner across the university. Each application for compassionate leave will be considered on its individual merits and the students' union [acting through the Chief Executive] will be supportive during periods of domestic difficulty and consider, wherever possible, requests for flexibility in work arrangements and in ordering of work priorities. If any staff member wishes to extend special or compassionate leave, unpaid leave or the use of holidays may be considered. 

Recommended Compassionate Leave

In cases of urgent domestic distress, the following recommendations for leave (pro rata for part-time staff) should be applied:


Immediate family - leave with pay for three days, which may be extended in cases of special hardship up to a maximum of six days. This leave should not normally extend beyond the day of the funeral unless this takes place away from Lancaster.
Other relatives - leave with pay for up to one day (usually the funeral). Where an individual is making the arrangements for the funeral of an immediate relative, a maximum of three days leave with pay may be authorised.

Serious Illness: At the onset of serious illness of child, partner, parent or other dependant where a member of staff is required to provide care or be at the bedside, up to three days leave with pay may normally be approved. In exceptional cases this may be extended to a maximum of six days.

Family Leave: Up to three days paid leave in any one year may be granted in response to emergencies relating to the care of children. Examples may include the unforeseen illness of a childminder or unplanned closure of a school. Such leave will not normally be granted on consecutive days. If alternative arrangements cannot be made, annual leave or unpaid leave may be granted.

Time off for Dependants: In cases of other domestic incidents affecting a dependant (parent, partner, child or someone living with the family for whom the employee is the main carer) up to two days leave may be granted. Such leave will normally be unpaid.

Please speak to the Departmental Administrator for further information on compassionate leave.