All groups must have an bank account in the groups name.
This can set up from High Street banks.

You need to ask for a "Clubs, Societies and Charities Treasurer's Account" or a "Community Bank Account", this is usually within the Business Account section.

Every bank has it's own requirements, but generally you'll need:

Two - three signatories for the account
Each signatory must provide photo ID, two forms of a proof of your address in Lancaster. For example, a Bank Statement, or proof of student status from Lancaster University (This is available from The Base on campus.)
Your groups Constitution or Terms of Reference
A written request from the Society providing authorisation to open the account, listing the names of the Exec/Committee members.

This process can take a few weeks, so please ensure that you allow enough time to setup the account in any planning you do.

Any online transactions that are processed by the students' union during this time will remain allocated to your group, until the time we can transfer it into your group account.

You can register your society account details here

The Students' Union banks with NatWest, and as such has a working relationship with the Lancaster Branch Manager.
In some instances we may be able to facilitate access to a group account, or ask questions on your behalf.

NatWest offer a "Community Bank Account" for clubs and societies, you can complete the application online however we would recommend completing the the mandate manually and submitting in branch were a member of Natwest staff will be able to check it over to ensure there will be no hold ups with the application. You can get the bank mandate form here.

Completing the Bank Mandate
- When setting up, all sections must be completed apart from section 5
- Must be completed each time you change signatories as well as an additional adding a party form
- The address should be the student union address which can be found at the bottom of this article

Adding new signatories: 

- The Bank Mandate form must be completed  along with an 'Additional Party Form' for each new additional party

Once at the bank you should bring:

  • UK Driving Licence/ Passport
  • When changing signatories you should bring a copy of minutes from your meeting/AGM which should detail:
  • Who was present at the meeting and their role
  • There must also be evidence of the change of the role title
  • e.g. John Smith (Old President) , Jane Smith (New President)
  • Agenda and what was discussed

Info you should have prepared before completing the application:

Personal details

  • Full names (including middle names)
  • Personal addresses and date of entry to the address (if it’s less than three years, they’ll need previous address)
  • Date of birth and country/town of birth
  • Contact details (including contact numbers and email addresses)
  • Nationality (including details of any dual nationalities/citizenships)
  • Tax purpose residency details (which country are they resident for tax purposes)
  • Confirmation that applicants haven't been insolvent, bankrupt, sequestrated or involved in any court proceedings for debt, or made arrangements with creditors. (If any of these have happened to any applicants, they may need more information.)

Group details & Address

Lancaster University [NAME] Society, Lancaster University Students' Union, Bowland College, Bailrigg, LA1 4YT

Affiliated with: Lancaster University Students' Union Charity number: 1172269, Company registration number: 10464111

  • Information about your organisation's activities, including income and expenditure, membership structure and number of members, your groups Constitution or Terms of Reference