Most of the time, it's really easy to resolve this issue, and the solution below is often the most common reason why you are unable to book rooms:

In order to book rooms for groups, you need to use your group's [group name] email address.

If you on the Exec/Committee and believe you should have access to this email address, you need to ensure that you are listed as a Committee/Exec member on Union Cloud, as ISS are now checking this information in order to link your email account.

In order to create Exec/Committee members, you need at least one group Administrator who has completed Data Protection Training.

Here is the link to Data Protection training:

Once this has been completed, then please submit a new support ticket via to tell us you have completed the training. Please ensure you give us your full name, date of birth and the group you wish to be an Administrator of.

Here is a link to the instructions for creating your Committee/Exec on Union Cloud:

Once you are listed as an Exec/Committee on Union Cloud, then visit the ISS Service Desk in the Learning Zone and ask them to link your student email address with the [group name] email address.


You then need to login to the room bookings system using the [group name] email address.

Here is a link to the Society Room Booking system:

Here is a link to FAQ about booking Space:

If your groups does not have an email address, then you can follow the instructions on this FAQ: