Society Federations 

New for the 2020-21 academic year, we are introducing seven society federations. This is so we can categorise all of our societies into interest groups, for logistical benefits such as making ‘freshers’ fair’ and the website more accessible. However, the main benefits to these new federations are for you and your exec teams, it provides a great platform for societies to network and collaborate with each other as well as a channel to increase communication between The SU and your societies.  

These federations enable us to set up seven individual forums for like minded societies or societies with common interests to attend on a termly basis. Each forum will be chaired by a member of the Societies Committee along with the VP Societies and Media who will also attend these forum meetings to help facilitate discussion, but also listen to and take on board all ideas, feedback and queries.  

Societies Committee 

All federation chairs will meet with the VP Societies and Media every two weeks in term time, these meetings will become the ‘societies committee’ (terms of reference pending). This committee is in place to better facilitate the operational, financial and developmental support that the Union offers to its affiliated societies. 

Members of the Committee will play a key role in deciding where funding is allocated, deciding the outcome of new society applications, and presenting feedback from students to form the basis of change initiatives and the direction the Students' Union takes in supporting student societies. Here is a little more information: 

  • Funding - The societies committee will make the final decision on all society funding applications; this currently takes place 4 times year; once in each term and once during the summer break. 

  • New Society Applications - The Committee will also decide which new societies will be approved as affiliated groups. 

  • Feedback and Ideas - The members will present feedback and suggestions for change from students and society members to the rest of the committee. 

  • Opportunity for Valuable Experience - As a member of the Committee you will garner the wealth and experience of working in a professional organisation; financial planning and budgeting, operational planning and event delivery and evaluating and communicating your success. 


Here are our new federations: 

Academic and Departmental 

Creative and Performance 

Faith and Cultural and community groups 

Media and Technology 

Political and Campaigning 

Sports and Recreational Activity 

Special Interest