Most of the time, it's really easy to resolve this issue, and the solution below is often the most common reason why you are unable to see your group dashboard:

First of all, you'll need to join your group!

Ensure you are listed as a Committee/Exec member on Union Cloud. 

Here is a link to the instructions for creating your Committee/Exec on Union Cloud:

In order to create Exec/Committee members, you need at least one group Administrator who has completed Data Protection Training.

If you'd like to be an Administrator of your Group, here is the link to Data Protection training:

Once this has been completed, then please submit a new support ticket via to tell us you have completed the training. Please ensure you give us your full name, date of birth and the group you wish to be an Administrator of.

If you've followed these steps, and are still having problems, submit a new support ticket (the top right hand corner of this page), including information about the group you're working with.