Your students' union is a registered charity, which exists to support the education of current students at Lancaster University.

This means that all union resources, including financial and staff time, are used to predominantly benefit students.

All initiatives must be student led, and the clear beneficiaries Lancaster University students.

Ultra Vires also means that groups affiliated to the university, through the students' union, can only use union resources to raise funds for themselves or the students' union.

Biggest learning curve and most effective work placement I could have ever been on There are a few fundamental points to note...

• Any money which is raised for another charity needs to clearly display which charity the money will go to.

• Be clear if all proceeds are going to the charity or just the profits (after taking out any expenses)

• Any money raised needs to be placed into the RAG account held in the students' unioin instead of any private accounts.

• Raise money in a lawful way, there is some rules around running a lottery for example.

• Be creative and innovative in raising money.

• Make sure you promote and shout about the great work you have done.