In order to work with the Student’s Union as a partnered volunteering provider, your organisation must undergo a process of registration. This ensures that we support the highest quality volunteering opportunities for our students, and we have mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. We ask that you carefully consider whether or not you can support this process before registering.

Our dedicated student staff will always visit your organization before approval as a volunteering partner. This is to improve our understanding of our partners, ensure volunteering is going to be mutually beneficial and will end up with a positive experience for everyone involved.

Partnered organisations post opportunities which will have a recruitment period of 4 weeks. This is to ensure that we can monitor when volunteering occurs and keep in close contact with our students. It will also help us to promote and market opportunities for you if we are more aware of recruitment periods. Opportunities can be reposted after the completion of volunteering work subject to approval. 

Management of volunteering applications is taken on by the Students’ Union. All applications  come to the Students’ Union first, and successful applicants will be passed on to the organisation.

All organisations will be required to complete an online feedback survey on completion of the volunteering period before they can post a new opportunity.  This helps us monitor and evaluate our work. 

For more information about this process, please contact the Communities team at