‘How To’ Online Hustings with Microsoft Teams


Since all Lancaster Students & Staff have full access to Microsoft Teams and in many cases are already frequently using this app, we thought this would be a really great platform to use for hustings as it has a great deal of other tools for communicating with your membership.


How to use Microsoft Teams

If you haven’t really used teams yet there are great online training and guides that ISS have published on Moodle which you can access here

There are guides on how to create and manage different teams and how to setup and manage video calls and meetings along with lots of other really useful information.


Step by Step:

  • Create a new Team, this could be for the Society in general, your members or specifically for hustings. You can create as many teams as you like and delete them when they are no longer needed.

  • Arrange your meeting using the video Icon at the bottom of the window. During meetings with large groups we would advise that MIC & video only be switched on when someone is presenting/speaking and using the chat box for members to ask questions. 

  • Polling/Balloting – There is an app in Teams called ‘Polly’ which can be used to record anonymous voting. This can be added into your team chat, simply select the dotted line at the bottom of the window as seen in the picture above and select ‘More Apps’ and search for ‘Polly’.  

  • Setup your polls using this app. You can schedule the date and time for these to go live and for voting to end. You can select to make the vote anonymous which will make all results completely anonymous even to the person that created the poll. You can also select for results to be shown in real time as and when people vote, or for all results to be hidden until the end of the election.  
  • When voting is over the results will be displayed.

  • Don't forget to register your new Exec team with the Union!