If you are an Exec member of an affiliated Club or Society and applied to have a Live Chat during our Fresher’s/Refresher's Fair your society will have its own Channel within the Federation Team you’ve selected. The applicant will be added as a member of the Federation Team and as a moderator of your society’s channel.

You will also be added to a private channel within the federation where you can ask questions or network with other society leaders on the day.

From here we would recommend that you:

  1. Schedule a meeting to take place at your assigned date and time slot. Students will then be able to join your meeting from the channel whilst live to ask questions and see who you are! You can also use the meeting to share content or slides. Alternatively you can just use the basic chat function in your channel for people to ask questions.
  2. Take a look at our Fresher’s Fair ‘Do’s & Don’ts’


Scheduling a meeting

Once added you will be able to access the federation team with the society channels listed beneath.

In your Channel you can start a 'New Conversation' or you can schedule a meeting. We would recommend scheduling a meeting for your Live chat and using the 'New Conversation Function' to display useful info such as chat rules, info about the society and links to your social media and membership pages.

To Schedule a meeting simply select the dropdown bar next to 'meet'

You can now schedule a meeting in at your given time slot, and use the description to provide any further information.

You may also wish to add other exec members to the meeting request.

This will now appear in your channel, students will be able to join the meeting when they visit your channel.

Turning off Moderation

To begin with your channels will have moderation turned on. This means only you will be able to post in the channel or in chats. This will be turned off by a member of staff before the event goes live.

End of the Chat

The Teams and Channels will remain accessible throughout the duration of the Welcome period, at the end of your chat you may wish to post a closing message with further details on how to contact your society, or alternatively you are free to continue to use the space for Q&A's throughout this period.