The Students' Union Activities Newsletter is sent out every Tuesday afternoon on odd weeks. It is our main source of communication with all of our Clubs and Societies exec, so it is very important that you make a regular habit of reading it.

The newsletter features important news, tips and hints, registration and sign-ups (e.g Flat Floor Space and Fresher’s Fair), and exclusive opportunities for Clubs and Societies’ Exec.

We also allow for groups’ entries for the newsletter, so if you have something you think other Clubs and Societies’ Exec would like to get involved with, you would like to let us know about your successes and achievements, or you would simply like to send us a photo of what you’ve recently been up to, send your entry to 

Be sure to:

  • Include the name of your group and details of the project, event or activity
  • The date for any deadlines or events where applicable
  • Make your entries short and sweet
  • A link to more information where applicable, such as a Facebook event or group page and/or contact email address
  • A photo/picture