To book rooms for your Society, you will need to use the University's Timetabling and Room Booking service. Note that societies can only book rooms between 6pm and 10pm on weekdays and all day on weekends (A step by step guide for viewing timetables and booking rooms is attached). It is better to book your space as soon as you can with as much notice as possible. A room booking cannot be guaranteed without 7 days notice.

In order to book rooms for groups, you need to use your personal email address.

Click on the link for Society Room Bookings, and select your society from the drop-down menu. For this to show, you will need to be listed as an Exec/Committee member on Union Cloud, as ISS use this information in order to link your email account.

In order to create Exec/Committee members, you need to have completed Data Protection TrainingOnce this has been completed, then please tell us you have completed the training by emailing Please ensure you give us your full name, date of birth and the group you wish to be an Administrator of. 


If you are still having issues then you can drop into the Students' Union Welcome Zone to speak to one of the Societies Team between 12:00-4:00 on weekdays. 

Access the Society Room Booking system here.

Find out more about booking space here.